Regional Representatives  

Regional Representatives: Rescue has an established team of Regional Representatives who each cover an extensive area.  However, there may be occasions where additional Regional Representatives are required. Are you interested?

Regional Helpers: Are you able to carry out a house check on behalf of the Scheme or help transport a Flatcoat from one area to another?

Foster Homes:  Do you have the facility to foster a Flatcoat whilst a new home is being sought?

Kennels: If you own an established indoor or outdoor boarding kennel and are happy to board a Flatcoat whilst a new home is being sought, we would be pleased to hear from you.  Are you willing to offer us a preferential daily rate?

Dog Training & Canine Behaviour:  Are you qualified in these fields?  Occasionally it may be necessary to do some corrective training before a Flatcoat is passed on to its new home.  Could you assist on a voluntary basis?

If you would like to help Flatcoat Rescue please contact 

Co-ordinator Brian Jones on 01530 834318

or Treasurer for donation details

If you would like to make a donation to help ensure that the Scheme continues to operate with success, please make your cheque payable to FLATCOATED RETRIEVER SOCIETY RESCUE REHOUSING & WELFARE SCHEME  

Alternatively, you may wish to donate by way of a regular contribution through a bank standing order or send a one-off donation through your internet-banking or card scheme. 

We would love to hear about other ideas you may have to raise funds for our Flatcoated Retriever Rescue Scheme.  The next time you organize an event, you may like to consider donating some of the proceeds to Rescue.

Thank you