This very young dog, seen basking in the sunshine, was found dumped on city streets and taken to a police station for the statutory stay.  Nobody enquired about him and so he was collected by a boarding/rescue kennel and advertised in a local newspaper, where he was spotted by a Flatcoat owner.  Rescue's Treasurer, Brenda Abbett, knew the proprietor and promptly collected him and brought him to her home, where this photograph was taken.  An applicant on Rescue's waiting list was contacted and he was taken to his new home that same day.

That was 7 years ago and the photograph below shows the majestic Roddy.  Sadly, he recently died, but Sue Weatherill writes "Roddy - this was his 3rd name, as I did not know his original one, or the one the kennels gave him, so he became Roddy.  From the very first day I realised that we both had a lot to learn!  Had just cooked a joint of gammon when I received the telephone call to go and see him, as the meat was hot I covered it and left it on the worktop.  Am sure you can all finish this story if you own a Flatcoated Retriever!!  His love of forbidden food went on all his life and I learnt to try and put it out of his reach.  Have never had a dog with such a sense of fun and a love for life as Roddy had and he was my shadow at home for the happy 7 years I had him."    "Dear Brenda - I am so pleased that I have been able to track you down.  Roddy and I had 7 years of fun thanks to you ..........................................................."  May 2012













May 2011

We tragically lost our fabulous fun loving big boy Henry on Friday.

Last Monday he had an operation to remove a tumour (which turned out to be a grade II soft tissue sarcoma with a 20% chance of returning).  The vets kept him in slightly sedated to help keep him calm to aid the wound to knit together.  He came home on Thursday, much to his delight, but, unfortunately, got a stomach torsion overnight.  We are totally devastated.

We have had nearly 9 years of utter joy (and despair too sometimes, I might add) of his companionship and fun loving ways and we thank you so much for letting us have him.  In late 2002 we took him home - not long after his first birthday.  He has been everywhere with us.  No more going abroad on holidays - we just went somewhere in the UK and he came too.  He has had many adventures exploring Aberdeenshire, Morayshire, The Highlands, Skye, Argyll, Cumbria, Yorkshire, The Lakes and Cornwall.  Since we moved from Cambridgeshire to Worcestershire he has been busy up the Malvern Hills.

You said all those years ago that he would be an over zealous greeter and boy you weren't wrong, but we managed it and with a few tricks up our sleeves he did settle after the initial onslaught.

He has been a wonderful friend to us and to our wee boy Will (born 2010).  I would take them both out for a walk in the morning and Will loved watching Henry's antics - especially if it involved water or rolling.  Our vet thought he was in great condition and his weight perfect, considering we had had Will last year.  He sees a lot of dogs getting fat when babies come along.  We were determined that Henry was to continue to have his routine and he loved coming out and about with us.

We are still trying to come to terms with our loss and our young son Will is still looking for him and he's only 16 months old.  They were good wee pals and Henry was brilliant with him.  I am still taking Will out for the daily walk wherever it may be - he was so used to walking Henry every day and gets all ratty if we don't go out. 

Thanks again for giving us our dear Henry.
Kind regards

Archie joined the family in June 2011, but it soon became evident that he had serious kidney problems.  Despite every effort by the family and vet, he lost his fight in February 2012 at just 4 years old.   Will now has a new Flatcoat friend.